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Visionary Artist / Psychic Medium


My life has been guided in a large part, by my two biggest passions;  Art and, the pursuit of spiritual knowledge.  Long before I attained my degree in Fine Art, I was a prolific artist.  I painted, sang, sculpted and, wrote stories;  fulfilling my primal desire to create.   Growing up, my sister and I would often entertain ourselves by writing and, illustrating our own stories.  I have fond memories of drawing malevolent beasts, fairies and, "mythical" creatures.  We created harrowing adventures for our imaginary beings.  I knew that the stories we made were only make believe but at the same time, I wondered about the nature of reality.  From a very young age I always had suspicions about the world we live in that I couldn't quite express in words.  I had this feeling that "reality" had depths that humanity couldn't explain yet.  And largely the scientific community has avoided serious research of the subject for fear of public ridicule.  I was not raised to be devoutly religious but, at night I had a hefty fear of demons under my bed and nocturnal visits from "tricky" spirits.  The ideas I held of an unseen world were magnified after my mother introduced me to the use of spirit boards.  My imagination ran wild as I wondered what made the sound of footsteps I heard creeping up my staircase every night.  Were those sounds really from the house settling or, were they from disincarnate beings?  Was there more to reality than what can be proven?

As I earned my Bachelor's degree at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in Cincinnati Ohio, my spiritual questioning continued.  Although I had joined a community of other artists, bohemians with unconventional views; my own beliefs about the spiritual were sometimes met with scrutiny.  It seemed to me at the time that the art world was only interested in art that made socio - economic, racial, political, or feminist commentary.  Purely conceptual art holds the highest regard.  Those subjects never piqued my interest.  I of course feel strongly about those affected by these issues and my compassion lies with those seeking equality and justice.  For me though, these subjects are secondary to my questions about the nature of reality.  Some skeptically minded professors would ask me why I thought the subject would be suitable for fine art?  Anything verging on spirituality was sometimes scoffed at and seen as laughable by a few teachers and other students.  Most students were interested as I was and, there were many great professors at the school who encouraged my ideas and helped me to dive deeper into my exploration.

I continue to experience strange paranormal phenomena as I did when I was a child.  I have seen and heard things that should not exist according to science.  I lived in two different haunted locations in which I witnessed orbs, shadow entities, disembodied sighs and breathing, and other phenomena.  In 2015, the year that my grandfather passed away,  I booked an appointment with a psychic medium.  The reading that she gave me was the catalyst that sent me deeper on my path of spiritual discovery.  She knew things about me and my life that would be hard even for a skeptic to refute.  After this experience I decided that I wanted to become a medium myself and help others as she did for me.  I took courses on mediumship development at my local Spiritualist Church, The United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I took courses for the development of mediumship at my local Spiritualist Church, The United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church in Cincinnati Ohio.  I have also begun self-education in the practice of core shamanism. 

I am continually exploring how to spiritualize my art practice.  I am working towards a deeper understanding of what it means to be an artist and a spiritual being.  The art I create is a testament to my journey of spiritual discovery.  I hope to create art that will touch others on a soul level and help assist them in their own exploration.  I am thankful for the path that life has led me on and, for all the wonderful teachers I've been privileged to learn from.  I am thankful to the infinite Source of Creation and for the part that I have to play in this beautiful existence.

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