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The Addicted Series/Calloway Sisters series is a New Adult book series by Krista and Becca Ritchie that deals with issues such as addiction, the difficulty of being famous, abuse, and mental health issues. The six main characters are Lily Calloway (a sex addict), Loren Hale (an alcoholic), Rose Calloway (Lily's sister and a fashion designer), Connor Cobalt (Lily's tutor and Rose's boyfriend), Ryke Meadows (Lo's brother) and Daisy Calloway (Lily and Rose's much younger sister, who is also a model). The original series is the Addicted series, focusing on Lily and Lo. Calloway Sisters is a spinoff that fits into the narrative, and focuses on the other two couples: Connor and Rose, and Daisy and Ryke. There are ten books in the two combined series:

Re-reading Portnoy forty years later on the anniversary of its publication, however, revealed unexpected confluences and conflicts. I was surprised at how Roth's account of growing up Jewish and nerdy in post-war New Jersey echoed my own experience of growing up in a lower-middle class family in Brook- Booklyn twenty years later. I also had a clever stay-at-home Jewish mother who shahed, febed and oy veyed me and my younger sister and brother throughout our childhood. Like Jack Portnoy, my father was patient, long-suffering, hard working, self-sacrificing for his family, and abject in the face of my mother's emotional juggernaut. On first glance, I could echo Alex Portnoy's conclusion that like his mother Sophie, my mother filled "the patriarchal vacuum" (PC 42). (3) However, like many other women of my generation, I benefited from the work of Adrienne Rich, a half-Jewish feminist, who taught me to be angry for my mother and her limited access to agency and opportunity rather than, like Alex, angry at her for the twisted routes her vitality and intelligence had to take in an androcentric world. (4) Where I really parted imaginative company with Alex was his experience of constant fearfulness and sexual repression (although I should consult my baby... 1e1e36bf2d


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