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How to Prepare for the SkyTest® Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1 23

How to Prepare for the SkyTest Software for ATCO Screenings 2.1 23

If you are aspiring to become an air traffic controller in Europe, you may have heard of the SkyTest software for ATCO screenings 2.1 23. This is a comprehensive preparation tool that can help you ace the various tests and assessments that are part of the selection process for air navigation service providers throughout Europe.

skytest preparation software for atco screenings 2.1 23

In this article, we will explain what the SkyTest software is, what it covers, and how you can use it to boost your chances of success in your ATCO screening.

What is the SkyTest software for ATCO screenings 2.1 23?

The SkyTest software for ATCO screenings 2.1 23 is a computer-based training program that simulates the tests and tasks that you will encounter in the first and second stages of the FEAST (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test) framework. FEAST is a standardized testing system that is used by many air navigation service providers in Europe to assess the aptitude and skills of ATCO candidates.

The SkyTest software also includes modules for other global tests that are used by some ATCO employers, such as Airways New Zealand's SureSelectâ testing system, which is implemented in countries like New Zealand, USA, Vietnam, Oman, Kuwait and Ghana.

The SkyTest software provides 35 training modules that cover various cognitive abilities and competencies that are essential for ATCOs, such as:

  • Big Numbers Comprehension

  • Coordinate System Test

  • Cube Folding Test

  • Divided Attention Test

  • Heading Conflicts

  • Learning and Applying Rules

  • Memorize Instruments

  • Memorize Pictograms

  • Planning Ability Test

  • Spot the Side

  • Vigilance Test

  • Dynamic Radar Test

  • Multi Control Test

  • Radar Control Test

  • Strip Display Management Test

  • Air Traffic Collision Scenarios

  • Differences

  • Value Assignments and Relations

  • Visual Relationships

  • Math Word Problems

  • Mental Arithmetic

  • Number Series

  • Numerical Estimation

  • Physics (Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Waves)

  • Technical Comprehension (Electricity, General knowledge, Mechanics, Optics, Reasoning, Thermodynamics)

The SkyTest software also offers several features to enhance your learning experience and outcome, such as:

  • Bilingual interface (English and German)

  • Comprehensive test explanations and interactive First Steps demos

  • Several default difficulty levels for each training module