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Battle Of Youstrass !!LINK!! Full Version

Battle Of Youstrass Full Version :::

This game runs pretty good on DxWnd except during the battle sequence.It starts with me attacking an enemy, and ends with the enemy counter attacking.The first attack runs well, but during the second attack, the game creates an overlay of a smaller window, cuts off the sound, and continues to run. The original window at the back then shows that it's 'not responding'.I've tried tweaking the settings on my own but I've only managed to make this problem happen earlier (when the first attack begins).

@Kirk: I'm sorry for the delayed answer, but it took a while to complete the easy steps to check the situation for a series of different and also personal reasons. But the problem is that the game works fine with last DxWnd release and in Win10, that seems (from the screenshots) the same environment you have. Is there anything peculiar in your environment (double monitor, special drivers, who knows...)I played all battles to reach the second map and everything went ok, though I saw from the logs that the game is performing a lot of weird windows operations.I tested both the original and the patched versions (though I found no trace of release numbers, the file size is different) but the behaviour doesn't change. The only weird thing that I noticed and that doens't happen without DxWnd in fullscreen is a strange screen that appears at the beginning, just after the company logo fades away (see screnshot), and only for a few seconds. Also the following screen seems to have palette problems. All the rest is ok. But it's surely DxWnd's fault, since D3DWindower doesn't shoe the same problems. But D3DWindower hides the cursor, so that is not an improvement at all.Another proof of the weird use of windows and surfaces is the fact that it seems impossible to capture a screenshot of the two adversaries combat with the Alt-PrintScreen key.@cloudstr: if you like the game, you could acknowledge or update my notes for the game running on XP.

@gho Thanks for taking your time to solve this! It's really appreciated.I've been playing it over the weekend and the battle overlay still happens, but it's not game breaking so it's fine for me. I guess it might come down to some graphics card settings on my laptop.

However, I did realise the palette issue and the weird pic does happen to me too, on random occasions. It's also interesting (or annoying) to note that without DxWnd, if you alt-tab out in full screen and tab back in, the palette issue will happen for the entire game.

Members of the player's team control giant mechs known as GEARs that can be leveled up and upgraded over the course of the game.[2] Each GEAR is elementally aligned, which bestows upon them certain special abilities.[2] The game's battles take place on an overhead grid, and are turn-based.[2] Terrain also plays a role, with different types of terrain having different effects.[2] 1e1e36bf2d


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