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Sanmao: The Desert Bride - A Documentary About the Chinese Travel Writer and Her Spanish Lover

Sanmao was a Chinese travel writer who became famous for her books about her life in the Sahara desert with her Spanish husband Josà MarÃa Quero. She wrote with humor, passion and insight about her adventures, challenges and joys in a foreign land. Her books have been translated into many languages and have inspired generations of readers.

Sanmao: The Desert Bride is a documentary film that explores the love story of Sanmao and Quero, who met in the Canary Islands in the 1970s and moved to the Western Sahara, where they lived among the nomadic tribes. The film features interviews with their friends, family and admirers, as well as archival footage, photos and letters. The film also follows Sanmao's journey after Quero's tragic death in a diving accident, when she returned to Taiwan and continued to write and travel until her own death in 1991.

The film is directed by Marta Arribas and Ana PÃrez, who are both fans of Sanmao's work. They wanted to pay tribute to her legacy and share her story with a wider audience. The film was released in Spain in 2020 and has received positive reviews from critics and viewers. The film is a celebration of Sanmao's spirit, courage and creativity, as well as a testament to the power of love across cultures and borders.

If you are interested in watching Sanmao: The Desert Bride, you can find it online at [^2^] or [^3^]. You can also read more about Sanmao's life and books at [^1^].

Sanmao: A Life of Wanderlust and Writing

Sanmao was born Chen Ping in Chongqing, China, in 1943, during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Her family fled to Taiwan in 1948, after the Chinese Civil War. She grew up in a well-educated and affluent family, and showed an early interest in literature and foreign languages. She studied philosophy at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, but dropped out before graduating. She then travelled to Europe and the United States, where she studied at Heidelberg University and the University of Madrid.

She adopted the pen name Sanmao, which means "three hairs" in Chinese, after a popular comic strip character created by Zhang Leping. The character was a poor orphan boy who survived the hardships of war-torn Shanghai with optimism and resilience. Sanmao said she identified with the character's spirit of adventure and curiosity.

In 1973, she met Josà MarÃa Quero y RuÃz, a Spanish nautical engineer, in the Canary Islands. They fell in love and decided to move to the Western Sahara, which was then a Spanish colony. There, she began writing essays about her life in the desert for Taiwanese newspapers. Her essays were collected and published as "Stories of the Sahara" in 1976, which became an instant bestseller and made her a literary sensation.

Sanmao and Quero lived in the Western Sahara until 1979, when Spain withdrew from the territory and Morocco annexed it. They then moved to the Canary Islands, where they got married. They also travelled to other parts of Africa, South America and Asia, and Sanmao wrote about their experiences in her subsequent books.

In 1979, Sanmao returned to Taiwan for a visit and was greeted by thousands of fans at the airport. She was hailed as a cultural icon and a role model for young women who yearned for independence and freedom. She also received several literary awards and honors for her work.

However, tragedy struck in 1982, when Quero died in a diving accident near their home in La Palma. Sanmao was devastated by his death and attempted suicide several times. She eventually moved back to Taiwan and continued to write and travel. She also taught Spanish at several universities and translated works by Gabriel GarcÃa MÃrquez, Jorge Luis Borges and Julio CortÃzar into Chinese.

In 1991, Sanmao died by hanging herself with a pair of stockings at a hospital in Taipei. She was 47 years old. The exact reasons for her suicide remain unclear, b


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