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Vector(ベクタ, Bekuta)Pre-Sealed GatePost-Sealed GateBackground informationTypeCityRegionVector continentAffiliation(s)Gestahlian EmpireResidentsGestahlGameplay detailsItemsMany found in shopsEnemiesOutside:DonGrasswyrmJokerLitwor ChickenWyvernIn the city:BelzecueGuardGuardianMega ArmorOnion KnightProto ArmorSergeantQuestsEntering the Magitek Research FacilityVector is a city in Final Fantasy VI. It is the capital of the Gestahlian Empire and the location of the Imperial Palace and the Magitek Research Facility. The Returners come to the city after Setzer Gabbiani joins their ranks and provides them with an airship, to save the espers held in the Magitek Research Facility.

The Returners come to Vector seeking to infiltrate the Magitek Research Facility and save the espers imprisoned within, one of whom is Terra Branford's father. Once arriving in the city, the Returners finds it heavily under guard from imperial soldiers, with the entrance of the research facility being guarded as well. Near the facility entrance the group finds an elderly Returner member who has heard of their plans and offers to distract the guards so the party can sneak in.

Within the facility the Returners are discovered by Kefka and a fight erupts that causes a backlash in the system. After the Returners flee with the aid of Cid, they reunite with Setzer waiting in the city. With little time to explain the situation, the party uses the Blackjack in an attempt to escape from the city. However, Kefka rushes to the Imperial Palace and activates two cranes to attack the airship, but the party destroys them and escapes.

After Terra opens the Sealed Gate to the esper world, many espers emerge and fly to Vector. When they learn of what became of their friends in the Magitek Research Facility, the enraged espers decimate Vector, killing many people and leaving much of the city a smoking, destroy ruined. The Empire offers no resistance as a coalition of Narshe guards and Returner forces led by Banon and Arvis occupy the city.

Vector is the most heavily industrialized city in Final Fantasy VI. The entire city is much larger than is shown in-game, with the background of the Imperial Palace and FMVs in the Playstation port of the game showing a sprawling cityscape. The town is seemingly surrounded by a bottomless pit or else built on a very high elevation. Steel support structures and supply crates are throughout the city, implying it may still be under construction in some parts.

The lower part of the city is where the shops operate, and the upper part is patrolled heavily by the Imperial soldiers. The balcony beyond here, guarded by patrolling Magitek Armor-clad troopers, leads to the Imperial Palace. On the eastern edge of the lower part of the city, a series of mine cart tracks lead to the Magitek Research Facility.

According to Final Fantasy VI Settei Shiryō-hen, the Imperial Palace at Vector finished construction 38 years prior to the start of the game, and the Magitek Research Facility built 18 years prior to the start of the game, around the same time the Empire invaded the Esper world. The guidebook also names Vector as the birthplace of General Leo. However, the guidebook is of dubious canonicity.

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These backgrounds were created specifically for Adobe Character Animator. They are 6 premade dynamic scenes. They come as .chproj files. All of them have animated triggers, so you could start or stop different animations in your background with just one click.

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