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CompeGPS LAND 7 20

Dear Pilots, the 2nd edition of the X-LANDS Oberlausitz-Lower Silesia will take place in Rothenburg-Oberlausitz (EDBR) from July 3rd to 6th 2020. Rothenburg is a large airfield with excellent thermal conditions. The goal is to get a mixed pilot participation, Hanggliders and Paragliders, from different countries (Poland, Germany, Czech...) and different levels. We want to make collectively nice flights with a semi-professional support but without the rigidity of a competition. We will fly XC, but also jusf for fun in the relaxing late afternoon thermals until sunset. Event is made for Hanggliders (UL towing) and Paragliders (winch towing). The level of pilots goes from "A-Schein" (IPPI4) pilots to experienced XC with "B-Schein" (IPPI5). Ines Zießau, Drachenfluglehrerin, will assist either to qualify for the UL-towing or to help A-Schein pilots going XC with theory and briefing sessions.We will be happy to welcome you at the X-Lands 2020, the low stress free flight event ;-) JérômeLeichtflieger-Oberlausitz e.V.

CompeGPS LAND 7 20

Our Flycamp take place in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve "Oberlausitzer Heide- & Teichlandschaft". So you can be sure, there is a lot to discover there, not only in the air. Think about bicyles and swiming clothes.

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