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Hell's Kitchen - Season 16

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Season 16 of Hell's Kitchen aired on Fox between September 23, 2016 and February 2, 2017. Event chef Kimberly-Ann Ryan, from Traverse City, Michigan, was the winner of the season and was awarded a Head Chef position at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at The Venetian in Las Vegas, with a $250,000 salary.

At the end of each episode, one chef is eliminated from the losing team by Ramsay. The season is the third, overall and consecutive, that featured an all-female final three, as well as the second that featured an elimination where two chefs were eliminated instead of one, and the third that featured a chef eliminated after a challenge and this season marks the fourth time that the final two chefs avoided elimination following Seasons 6, 7, and 14.

The sixteenth season of the American competitive reality television series Hell's Kitchen premiered on September 23, 2016 on Fox. Gordon Ramsay returned as host/head chef, Marino Monferrato and Aaron Mitrano returned as maitre d' and blue kitchen sous chef respectively while Andi van Willigan-Cutspec resumed her role as sous chef for the red team after Season 10 winner Christina Wilson filled in for her in the previous season while she got married. This was also the first season since Season 13 to take a hiatus due to Fox's coverage of the 2016 World Series in addition to the holiday breaks. The remaining episodes of the season were moved to Thursday nights on January 5, 2017 as part of the network's midseason schedule. This is the first season to have episode titles other than the usual "(Remaining number of) Chefs Compete" and "Winner Chosen". This season was filmed between November to December 2014, shortly after the completion of the previous season, about two years before the season aired.[1]

Reward/punishment: The women rode a hummer limo to Takami Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, where they had a special sushi dinner with Ramsay and previous winners Christina Machamer and Scott Commings from Seasons 4 and 12, respectively. The men cleaned the kitchens, prepped the dining room for the opening night, and transported the risers out of Hell's Kitchen, under the direction of Marino. While Pat sat out of the punishment, Marino and the others made fun of Matt's bolognese, which cost them their chance at winning.

Service: Noureen DeWulf and Dash Mihok were in attendance. Johnny, Paul, Heidi, and Shaina handled the Dover sole appetizer. In the women's kitchen, Jessica served soupy carbonara and was confused on appetizers, but rebounded. On the fish station, Gia shocked Ramsay by asking if she should work dessert, despite still being on entrees. Kimberly sent up raw lamb, but recovered and the women got through the rest of the night without further incidents. However, in the men's kitchen, Aaron overdressed a kale salad, while Andrew forgot an order of scallops, setting his team back. Aaron made another mistake by not rolling his pizzas properly and trying to cook two of them on the same paddle. During entrees, Genaro sent up raw New York strip twice, causing Ramsay to take drastic measures and called the women to take over service in the men's kitchen, while kicking the men out of their second service in a row.

Service: Andrew and Jessica each served rock shrimp pesto tagliatelle tableside. The men stumbled when Koop made too much risotto, despite being perfectly cooked, but he recovered. Paulie served Ramsay overcooked, then burnt scallops, much to Ramsay's anger. Recovering from his earlier meltdown, Matt stepped up and helped Paulie create a successful plate of scallops. Despite Aaron burning mashed potatoes on entrees, the men regrouped and successfully finished their first dinner service. In the women's kitchen, Kimberly overcooked scallops but recovered. On meat, despite Gia's first lamb being perfectly cooked, she overcooked the next one and sliced her wellingtons poorly, which she claimed was due to cutting off part of her finger. However, the injury was hardly noticeable.


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